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The infrastructure on which TmiWeb runs seems to be at the end of its lifespan. We do not have a solution yet. If TmiWeb is critically important for your research and the treatises are inaccessible, please contact Frans Wiering for alternative ways of getting access to the data.

What is TmiWeb?

TmiWeb is the online version of Thesaurus musicarum italicarum, an electronic corpus of Italian music treatises from the Renaissance and early Baroque. It contains the works of two of Italy’s most important authors on music theory, Pietro Aaron (c. 1480-c.1545) and Gioseffo Zarlino (1517-1590), as well as to a number of writings by their contemporaries. Nearly 30 works are online on TmiWeb in a full-text, searchable multimedial edition. More information about TMI is available in the Project Description.

TmiWeb employs the DynaWeb 4.3 SGML/XML publication environment. For optimal viewing you may need to install some fonts. The TmiWeb User Manual provides a full explanation of the system.


The treatises of Aaron and Zarlino have also been published on CD-ROM. In addition to the editions, these contain complete digital facsimiles of the sources, and the editions with additional presentation and search facilities. More information.

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